Sky Park Farm


Sky Park Farm

Planning permission was obtained from the South Downs National Park Authority to open up a deer farm to visiting members of the public, along with the erection of new buildings to provide a farm shop, cafe, education room, gift shop, farm business office and workshop, as well as a childrens' play area and car park.

The application was prepared by Neil March, Director, with the plans drawn by SPP’s in-house Architect, Steve Wickenden.

The application was also supported by a Landscape Visual Impact Assessment prepared by WH Landscape, an Ecology report prepared by Peach Ecology and a Transport Statement prepared by Paul Basham Associates. 

The application received unanimous support from the members of the South Down National Park Planning Committee and also the support of its officers who recommended that planning permission should be granted. 

The development opened to the public in 2021 (as Sky Park Farm).

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Sky Park Farm 2
Interior Sky Park Farm

It is a unique visitor attraction within the South Downs National Park, allowing members of the public the opportunity to spend time walking around the farm using the network of hard surfaced races and seeing different varieties of deer up close, as well as enjoying the rest areas and picnic areas, including a natural dew pond and a section of the River Rother, and a popular Children's play area.

Visitors are able to purchase a variety of local produce, including venison reared on the farm, and try out the milk vending machine (which dispenses milk shakes), from the farm shop and also enjoy a meal in the ‘Grazing Rooms’.

The application demonstrated that the proposal would accord with National Park purposes to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area, as well as promoting opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the National Park by the public. It also had to be shown that the proposal would not result in unacceptable levels of traffic and would also offer ecological enhancements.

Southern Planning Practice were also tasked with applying for a grant from the European RDPE Growth Programme towards some of the building work, which was successful, as well as obtaining permission for Brown Tourist road signs from West Sussex and Hampshire Highways Authorities.

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