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Local Plan & Representations

The planning process now operates on a “front loaded” evidence based approach. This means that when promoting land to allocation in Local Plans, evidence of the sites suitability for allocation needs to be shown at an early stage. An effective way of doing this can be to prepare and submit a promotion document to the Local Planning Authority when they are beginning to consider allocating new land when they are reviewing their Local Plans (which the Government requires them to do every 5 years). Such a promotion document can be submitted during the Local Plan preparation at any consultation, however the earlier in the Local Plan process, the better.

A well-conceived and presented promotion document can help one site “stand out” from the many others that will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority and help “sell” the site to them.

Examples of vision/promotion documents we have prepared are detailed below.

Southern Planning Practice are experienced in the promotion of the land to be allocated Local Plan’s including the preparing of supporting representations, promotion documents and appearing at Examinations in Public to argue the case for land we are promoting for clients to be allocated.

We act on behalf of several estates within the South of England to promote their land periodically through Local Plan’s and their reviews.

If you have any queries about promoting land in your ownership for allocation in a Local Plan, please contact one of the SPP team.


Stoney Lane – Promotion of Site for Residential Development

One of our long-standing clients owns a parcel of land adjacent to an existing settlement boundary which they wanted to explore the development potential of. The site had several constraints in terms of its topography, therefore, ahead of promotion we…

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Hsi Pond By Stables

Rookery Farm - Site Promotion through the Local Plan Process

Southern Planning Practice were approached by Raymond Brown to promote a former inert waste recycling facility for allocation for new residential development through the Local Plan process. Representations were made on behalf of our client throughout the preparation of the…

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