Avon Tyrell


Avon Tyrell, Christchurch

The Outdoor Activity Centre at Avon Tyrell is operated by UK Youth which is a leading charity dedicated to the continuous development of young people. The charity have been operating the site at Avon Tyrrell for more than 65 years which offers young people a range of accommodation and adventurous outdoor activities centred on the Grade II Listed House and its surrounding Registered Park and Gardens. Avon Tyrrell is located in the New Forest National Park and we have been providing UK Youth planning and heritage advice, including production of drawings, for development projects at Avon Tyrrell for several years. Projects include securing planning consent to upgrade the climbing tower and the installation of a complex tree top trail as well as Listed Building Consent for repairs and renovation of the historic heritage assets.

-         For more information about the planning and heritage requirements please speak to one of our planning consultants

-         For more information about UK Youth and Avon Tyrrell please visit their website at https://www.avontyrrell.org.uk/