Appeal Decision

Planning permission has been granted on appeal for a new dwelling at Warnford within the National Park.  This is an interesting case as the application was refused by Winchester city council under MTRA3 the infill policy.  However, during the course of the appeal, the new National Park Local Plan was adopted and Warnford has no settlement policy boundary and there is no infill policy.  The council’s stance was that without a settlement policy boundary no new dwellings will be permitted.

However, policy SD25 of the new plan allows for development as an exception on brownfield land.  It was therefore argued that with the existing pump house structure on site, the site was brownfield.  The inspector agreed with this premise which established the principle of development.  The inspector then went on to consider the impact on the character and appearance of the National Park and the village.

His conclusion was that the proposed dwelling would have no adverse impact to the character and appearance of the area and would accord with policies in the South Downs Local Plan, which seeks to ensure development respects the local character of an area.