Welcome to Southern Planning Practice Ltd

We are an independent professional town planning consultancy, established in 1994.

Southern Planning Practice Ltd specialises in all types of town planning services, including country estate advice, listed buildings, equestrian uses, planning appeals, new dwellings, householder extensions and agricultural buildings.
Southern Planning Practice Ltd

At Southern Planning Practice, we offer a wide range of urban and rural town and country planning services, including an in-house design and plan drawing service and direct instruction of Counsel at London and local Chambers.

The Practice has a well-developed client base with a reputation for professionalism and excellent contacts, maintain close and constructive working relationships with local authorities and public sector professionals, and attend a number of the local planning agent forums.

Our town planners have extensive professional experience in both private and public sectors, especially in Hampshire and the South of England.

Southern Planning Practice Ltd have been helping clients for over 20 years!

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